Summer Youth Horse Camps

General Information About Our Summer Youth Horse Camps

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Thank you for your interest in our weekly horse camps. If you require additional information not included within, please call or email and we will be glad to answer your questions.

NOTE: This is not a recreational horseback riding camp. Our camps are for students who want to further their riding skills and to increase their overall knowledge of horses and their care.

• Our facilities include a Bunk House, Riding Arena, Tack Room, and Twenty 10’X12’ Covered Stalls with sand floors – no shavings (you can bring your own shavings in). Students are to bring feed and hay for their horse. Your feed and tack can be stored in our tack room, or if you leave your trailer, you may work out of it.
• Students for all the Intermediate/Advanced camps must bring their own horse. There are limited horses and tack available for the beginner camps for an additional fee of $100 a week. Hay, feed and tack will be furnished for these horses.
• Your tack needs to be in good, clean, working condition. At a minimum, you need to bring saddle, pad, bridle, brushes, hoofpick, hay bag, boots/wraps, FLY SPRAY, and medicine/vitamins (if required).
• Students are to arrive Sunday evening AFTER 7 PM. To avoid confusion and traffic congestion, you are to enter ONLY at the arena gate (3rd black gate). Please do not arrive early. Camp will conclude with a program Friday afternoon starting at 4:00 PM. Parents and visitors are to come to the arena gate (3rd black gate). Students, horses and their belongings will be waiting at the arena. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE HOUSE GATE.
• Camp includes five days and five nights. We ride in the mornings and evenings. The afternoons are spent on horse related activities.
• The air conditioned Bunk House is part of our home. Students will have their own bunk and share a restroom that includes commodes, sinks and showers. We furnish sheets, blankets and towels. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW AND PILLOW CASE. Camp counselors will be staying in the Bunk House with your child. Please remind them to be respectful and well behaved at all times.
• Starting Monday morning and except for Friday evening, we serve three balanced meals each day. We provide water throughout the day for our students. You are welcome to bring additional snacks and drinks. There is a full size refrigerator available in the Bunk House. Please mark all items clearly with your child’s name. NO PERSONAL ICE CHESTS ALLOWED.
• We are with the horses 8+ hours a day. Both rider and horse need to be in excellent health and feeling well enough to work hard. Please reschedule your child if they or their horse become ill.
• Each horse must arrive at camp with a current coggins. Horses should be recently wormed and free of any communicable diseases. Have your horse trimmed and/or shod at least two weeks before bringing them to camp. Remember, this will be a long, hard week of riding.
• Parents and visitors are always welcome. However, phone calls are limited to between 2 and 5 PM. All cell phones will be turned in to camp counselors before the evening ride, and returned after the morning ride. Any abuse of the cell phone rule, cell phones will be prohibited for the remainder of the camp.
• Bring only necessary clothing for 5 days, including plenty of clean socks, underwear, pajamas, sunscreen, hat, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc. BOOTS ARE MANDATORY! Students may wear tennis shoes during off time only. NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED – Don’t bring them!
• All prescription medicines must be in their original, marked containers with your child’s name. Please put them in a zip-lock bag clearly marked with detailed instructions. Medicine bags should also include first aid items and any over the counter drugs needed. Children are not allowed to share medicine of any kind. All medicine will be controlled by Mrs. McGhee.
• We do not require riding helmets. However, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for all riders. If sent and we know it is here, we assure you they will be worn. Please make sure they are adjusted to fit your child’s head; otherwise, they are of no use.



$500 – Student with a horse. Includes 5 nights in the bunk house, 3 daily meals, covered stall and tack room.
$600 – Student without horse. Also includes horse rental, tack, hay and feed.
A $200 nonrefundable deposit is due at time of registration and will be deducted from the total cost. Space is limited and a spot can only be guaranteed with a deposit. Balance is due the day the student arrives. Deposit can be applied to another camp session during the current year, with a cancellation due to illness.

Attention Parents & Grandparents

We will present a program to showcase your rider’s new skills! It will begin at 4:00 PM on Friday. Go to the Arena – Not the house! Their belongings will be waiting there.

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