If you’re looking for a place to begin your riding instruction or to better your riding skills.  Joyce is the woman to help you.  She believes in a strong riding foundation and she’ll take you back to your roots and build you up to where you need to be.  What amazes me is that she can teach any level rider and she is open to learn from you too.  If you’re thinking about sending your child to summer camp or wanting to attend one of her adult specialty clinics – there’s nothing to think about – Just Do It!

Tracey Hilborn

Awesome camp, awesome riding instruction, and all together awesome people!!! We love Ms Joyce and Mr Richard and staff!

Michelle Latray

My daughter has been to this camp 7 times. Everytime she comes home we can see how much more she has learned. We also bought a horse from them. He is the best. Joyce is 100 0/0 honest about the horse she sells
Jen Keen Dyches

Mrs Joyce is the best! My daughter loved her camp and learned so much!! Hopefully we will see you for New Years camp!

Cheri Boyd

Our daughter, Soprana, had a superb experience! We just picked her up, after a week, and we have had non-stop stories about horses, challenges, friends, and amazing staff. This is how a camp is suppose to be.

Shane M. Kapela

Ms. Joyce is phenomenal!!! This camp is great for kids of all ages. They learn life-long lessons from someone who knows and understands horses. Ms. Joyce is known all around for her expertise! Great experience for the horse-loving kids!

Melanie Martinez

Mrs.Joyce is the best. She taught me how to ride. And this year advanced camps are going to be fun. And she is teaching my 8 year old cousin how to ride and I’ll be up there alot this camp is a blast. All thanks to Mrs.Joyce.

Kaylah Bryan

My daughter has attend this camp many times. She’s made a lot of friends and learned a great deal. The camp counselors are also wonderful, the Tooth Fairy even visited Caroline when she lost a tooth at camp;)
Ms. Joyce is a phenomenal horsewoman, an excellent teacher and from what I hear makes the best French Toast in Texas!

Kelli Goolsby Hackler